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Current Lab Members

Meet our scholars!

Tamara Y. Swaab

Principle Investigator, Professor
Email: swaab@ucdavis.edu


Doctoral Students

Timothy Trammel

Email: tgtrammel@ucdavis.edu

Tim is a third year PhD student in Psychology. His primary research interest is in using machine-learning to decode linguistic content represented within EEG signals. In particular, he is interested in using machine-learning classifiers to learn more about predictive processing in language comprehension.

Zoe Yang

Agnes Gao

Katherine Sendek

Email: ksendek@ucdavis.edu

Katie (she/her/hers) is a second year PhD student in Psychology. She received her undergraduate degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from the College of Wooster, in Ohio. During her undergraduate career, Katie conducted and published research on the effects of language acquisition context on the processing of emotional and taboo words. This research has led forward to her current line of work, investigating emotion words in first versus second language and how that may influence the prediction of upcoming words. Katie plans to continue investigating bilingualism, emotion, and prediction. She also has a vested interest in spotlighting understudied languages, such as Chinese and American Sign Language.


Elaina Jahanfard                                                             

Email: esjahanfard@ucdavis.edu

Elaina is a first year PhD student in Psychology. Her research interests lie in the nexus between Cognitive Neuroscience and Psycholinguistics. She is currently investigating the mechanisms by which bilingual individuals engage in predictive processing.